FWIW: Nook Is Nice, But No Kindle Killer, Yet : Blog Of The Nation Eyeing the Barnes & Noble Nook? See what the pros have to say about it.
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FWIW: Nook Is Nice, But No Kindle Killer, Yet

For those with certain budgets, ebook readers are likely to be good gift options this holiday season. Barnes & Noble's Nook is out and already out of stock, but in case you get a bunch of gift certificates and have your eye on one, here are a few reviews.

Engadget's review, by Joshua Topolsky — It's slow, but makes book-buying easier. Bottom line? "With the right software revisions, the Nook could be a tsunami, but as it stands right now, it's only a mild swell."

The Technologizer review, by Harry McCracken — Wait a little longer before buying any ebook readers: "The Nook has the potential to decisively trump the Kindle, but I want to see if Barnes & Noble's upcoming software update fixes the issues I encountered before I declare any winners."

Gizmodo's review, by Wilson Rothman — Dual screens and book lending make the Nook a serious contender. "If you are lucky enough to have pre-ordered one in the first wave for the Dec. 7 shipping, or patient enough to wait until mid-January for the next wave, you are going to get a gadget worth being excited about."