Bringing "The Real World" To The World Of Real Decisions : Blog Of The Nation MTV's The Real World returns for yet another season...this time, in the nation's capitol.
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Bringing "The Real World" To The World Of Real Decisions

Now, it's one thing to recognize a city on TV as "seven strangers, picked to live in a house, etc, etc." make their mark. And a completely different one to live in it as well...while the debauchery goes on. If you haven't heard from a friend or seen the preview, the 23rd season of MTV's The Real World premiered last night. And where is it this time? Washington, D.C.

The buzz on this season started all the way back in June while I was interning here at NPR to positive and negative reactions. Truth be told, one of the fellow interns — now one of my present roommates — sent out mass e-mails on how and when to spot the lucky seven in Dupont Circle (2000 S. St NW, to be exact). Even our dear friend Hank Steuver from the Washington Postwho was recently on TOTN to talk about his new book, Tinsel — got in on the action, giving a play-by-play of the opener, complete with an exclusive tour of the house.

But the most interesting things about this group (so far to me, at least) were a.) how the season's trailer seemed to exude a sense of hope and wonder b.) how serious conversations in the first episode were without any booze (religious beliefs, for example) and c.) how YOUNG the cast was. Granted, I fall right into the age range of these rambunctious group (20-23)...but usually, there's a cast member a bit closer to 30 than 20.

I could spend all day analyzing the prototypical cast of "angry black man + awkward guy + wannabe rocker + uber religious folks + party animal," but I'll leave that to the pop culture gurus. Whether or not you live in the nation's capital, or grew bored of the series last decade, it's at least worth a look see. Sadly, I never saw them, but it'll make you think twice about which restaurants and bars to visit on your next trip to the District.