Modernist Houses In New Orleans : Blog Of The Nation "Brad Pitt's Houses" are causing a stir in New Orleans.
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Modernist Houses In New Orleans

Over the weekend, I read an article by Fred A. Bernstein, who writes the "Cultured Traveler" column for The New York Times, about Brad Pitt's plan to commission and build 150 houses in the Lower Ninth Ward, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

According to Bernstein, "so far, just 15 of them are occupied, but those 15 make a big impression." Famous architects, including a Pritzker Prize-winner, have designed the so-called "Brad Pitt Houses." Tourists are flocking to the area to see them.

But not everyone likes them. Critics have said that they're "not grounded in the history of New Orleans architecture," that they stand out too much, that they overshadow -- literally overshadow -- neighboring houses, because they're on stilts, in case there is future flooding.

Take a look at the photographs that accompany the article. What do you think?