Snoop Bleeeeep! Dogg On Colbert : Blog Of The Nation We keep our hands hovering over the dump button during some interviews. Stephen Colbert puts that power in Snoop Dogg's hands.
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Snoop Bleeeeep! Dogg On Colbert

Whenever we have certain types of guests on -- especially comedians who are known for their "blue" routines -- we have a big discussion about what to do if the guest accidentally slips some FCC-prohibited language into the interview. We operate on a 10-second delay, so we talk about who's going to punch that "dump" button, and what language qualifies. We know our guests are pros who wouldn't want to sink us on purpose, but nevertheless, we have to be prepared.

In the clip above, Stephen Colbert talks to Snoop Dogg, exactly the sort of guest we might have a dump button meeting about. As you can see, his staff must've had a similar conversation. Solution? Colbert lets Snoop handle it himself. Genius.