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The View From Your Window

During the 2008 campaign, I started to read Andrew Sullivan's blog, hosted by The Atlantic.

One of my favorite features on The Daily Dish is "The View From Your Window" series. Sullivan and his assistants ask their readers to take a snapshot from their bedroom, living room, study, or kitchen window, note the time and location, and send it in.

Recently, Sullivan decided to compile 200 of the photos. They're now available as a book. Keith Lubeley, at The Book Bench, has seen the finished product. "'The View From Your Window' distinguishes itself not only by the simplicity of its conceit, but also through its delivery model: rather than go through a conventional publisher, Sullivan has partnered with to produce the book on a print-on-demand basis, thus avoiding large up-front costs."

Take a look. According to Sullivan, the first run of the book has sold out.