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It's been a brutal winter, so far. And it's merely the beginning of January. I will be getting good use out of my cowl-necks, I fear, until March. And it's not just the usual suspects. If you live in Miami, chances are you've had to buy gloves. (I wonder, do retailers suddenly have to stock cold-weather gear in Florida?) Our second hour show today is all about the cold snap — and a quick convo with our guest host, Rebecca Roberts, brought up a cool Washington weather feature. The Capital Weather Gang, a blog on, is much more interesting than watching the tv networks film random people shivering. First of all, they feel my pain. Blogger Andrew Friedman wrote:

This just in to the CWG newsroom: It's cold outside.

Sorry, I couldn't resist making fun of the fascination with the recent cold weather. In Boston, where I am writing from today, the air has the same fierce bite to it that I endured during two Chicago winters, when tiny icicles would form at the corner of my eyes as I walked to the "El" train in the morning. It's the type of cold that makes me reluctant to venture outside for any reason other than for absolute necessities. (And I'm beginning to reevaluate what constitutes a necessity. I mean, do I really need milk in my cereal?)

Later, he analyzed the weather using a bunch of geeky (his word, not mine) NASA and NOAA images to explain what was going on:

A key message from these images is that when one region is experiencing unusually cold weather, chances are that another is basking in warmth. For example, the Arctic, much of the Middle East, parts of Asia, Australia and Africa have all been warmer than normal lately.

The Arctic is "basking in warmth?" Yikes.