Job Dissatisfaction: Newsworthy? : Blog Of The Nation Sure, joblessness is more stressful, more important. But is job dissatisfaction a part of the recession story worth covering?
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Job Dissatisfaction: Newsworthy?

Job dissatisfaction is a piece of the recession story that we keep talking around here, but haven't really figured out how to cover. For one thing, joblessness is a much more pressing problem — whining about a job one doesn't really love, or doesn't find fulfilling, could sound pretty insensitive.

But still, there's something to it. When workers are "stuck" in their jobs — when other options are scarce, and they maybe feel lucky to even have a job, and probably know quite a few people who don't — it can be pretty distressing. So what do you think? Newsworthy, or navel-gazing?