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Jon Lee Anderson, Reporting From Haiti

At Talk of the Nation, we have a tremendous amount of affection for — and allegiance to — a handful of writers and journalists.

When a new copy of Vanity Fair arrives, for instance, Barrie scans the table of contents for William Langewiesche's byline. If he has a piece in the magazine, she books him. (Between you and me, I think it's because she likes to showcase her ability to spell his last name correctly on our planning calendar.)

This morning, when I learned that The New Yorker's Jon Lee Anderson is in Haiti, reporting, I had a similar reflex. For whatever reason, Anderson always seems to wind up in the most-interesting — and often most-dangerous — places. Did you read his recent article on Somalia? Or Brazil?

As we await his reportage from Haiti, and hopefully his reporter's notebook interview on TOTN, check out this exchange between Anderson and Amy Davidson, an editor at the magazine, by text message. (That's right, by text message.)