"Pants on the Ground" Becomes Instant Classic : Blog Of The Nation What can this season of American Idol teach us? "You're looking like a fool with your pants on the ground."
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"Pants on the Ground" Becomes Instant Classic

Season 9 of Idol is underway. And I'm no stranger to watching the front and tail ends of each season. For some reason, though, I just forgot last night -- until the last five minutes... The golden five minutes that creates water cooler talk.

If someone hasn't told you why everyone included the words "fool," "gold," and "pants" in their Facebook statuses or Tweets, check out the video above. General Larry Platt -- 62 years young -- made the judges chuckle at the Atlanta auditions with his original composition: "Pants on the Ground." The song also sends out a fairly positive. It's an interesting approach coming from a man who claims to have been a "general in the Civil Rights Movement."

And you know how "sensations" like these go: viral -- with the click of the mouse. If Kanye's interruption heard 'round the world was even the slightest inkling of what Internet fiends are capable of conjuring up in their spare time, "Pants on the Ground" might set the bar of (pop culture) viral videos in 2010. Check out the remixes.