Sarah And Andy 'Pull A Sickie' : Blog Of The Nation Sarah and Andy are on notice in the U.K. for shirking work.
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Sarah And Andy 'Pull A Sickie'

Just two days ago, after the show, we spent about 10 minutes sitting around talking about calling in fake sick to work. My policy is not to do it — not because I'm some goody-two-shoes, but because I believe that if I do it, I'll be felled by some awful virus. I'm pretty superstitious, I guess*.

Anyway, if you're British, you might not believe me. Why? Because my name is Sarah. A poll of 5,000 workers and employers in the U.K. found "workers with the names Andy and Sarah are most likely to ring in sick and fake their illness to try and earn a day off work." Steve, Paul, John, Dave, Becky, Anne, Emma and Debbie were also seen as notable "desk-dodgers."

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for popular British excuses for "pulling a sickie," and more fabulous Brit-speak.

*Though I should probably reconsider. In spite of my strict adherence to this superstitious policy, I'm currently suffering through a bout of mono. At work. Ridiculous.