The Reign In Spain (Rarely) Stays Mainly In The Plain : Blog Of The Nation There's a hacker out there who thinks the Prime Minister of Spain looks like a celeb from across the pond. Guess who?
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The Reign In Spain (Rarely) Stays Mainly In The Plain

There always seems to be some form of comparison between politicians that someone blogs about feverishly, whether it's about passing laws, dealing with domestic issues, or relating to the common person. But in Europe, relations between political leaders and what they represent have taken on a new face.

According to BBC, visitors to the EU president's website on Monday were greeted with a different person. A hacker replaced Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's picture with -- wait for it -- Mr. Bean: the slow-witted, likeable buffoon played by British actor Rowan Atkinson. Apparently, the comparison is a long-running joke in Spain. A cartoon appeared above an article talking about Zapatero's managing of the country's economy in an edition of Spain's newspaper El Pais.

As soon as I saw this story, it reminded me of a political Hollywood Squares made back here in the states. Back In 2007, when Saturday Night Live discovered the uncanny resemblance between Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Jake Gyllehaal. The result -- a Digital Short entitled "Iran So Far." Andy Samberg and Adam Levine of Maroon 5 serenade the Iranian president on the streets of New York.

Who knows what's next in the world of celeb/politics match-ups? Do you know of any you're dying to tell the world?