A Presidential Reunion For The Ages : Blog Of The Nation A slew of ex-presidents are giving President Obama advice on the Consumer Financial Protection Agency!?!?! Somebody pinch him! This must be a dream. Leave it to Funny or Die to make the reunion possible.
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A Presidential Reunion For The Ages

If you've even glanced at a newspaper in the past few weeks, you're probably aware that the world of politics has been quite alive. Just check out this week's Political Junkie segment. There's Bunning's blockade, Palin crackin' jokes on Leno, Paterson's downfall, and Mitt Romney taking calls on our show -- let alone the Commander-in-Chief's long to-do list. We could've easily cranked out two hours chock-full of commentary with NPR's political editor Ken Rudin, but time is of the essence in radio.

Well, it looks like the comedy site Funny or Die delivered some commentary in the form of video on President Obama's duties just in the nick of time. In familiar late-night sketch comedy fashion, Saturday Night Live cast members of the past and present re-enact the politicians they've mimicked for years. The result -- a dream sequence wrapped in a PSA.

A slew of ex-presidents -- Bush (both Jr. and Sr.), Clinton, Ford, Reagan and Carter -- give Obama some advice about how to handle the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. They urge him to pushing for regulation, gain some confidence...and "do the right thing." The video begins with "Dubya" (Will Ferrell) and Clinton (Darrell Hammond) invading Barack (Fred Armisen) and Michelle (Maya Rudolph)'s bedroom in a "Ghost of Christmas Past" fashion, followed by a surprise visit by Bush Sr. (Dana Carvey). And, well... I'll leave you to watch the rest.

The clip was directed by Ron Howard, "produced in coordination with Americans for Financial Reform, a major pro-reform coalition based in Washington, and it hits just as Senate negotiators work toward a compromise on the CFPA in the Banking Committee," according to The Huffington Post.

For a behind-the scenes exclusive, check it out here. And click here to see how Dana Carvey nailed his part in the dream sequence montage.