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Alternative March Madness Brackets

This weekend, I spent many hours watching college basketball. My alma mater advanced. Michigan State hit that amazing buzzer beater. My bracket is rubbish, but whatever.

The bloggers behind Economix have been overcome with March Madness, just like the rest of us. Last week, Catherine Rampell, economics editor at, posted a March Madness bracket "based solely on each school's typical alumni salary," from a site called PayScale.

Today, she links to a "a look at grade inflation trajectories within each athletic conference," compiled by Stuart Rojstaczer, a geophysicist, formerly of Duke University. (Incidentally and probably irrelevantly, I went to high school with his daughter.)

Last year, Rojstaczer created a "Sweet Sixteen of grade inflaters." This year, he "decided that it's both just too easy and mean to out schools for being slacker havens," so he made a list of "the schools that defy the trend of the easy A."

Who made the list? Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Virginia Commonwealth Institute, Purdue, and Reed College, among twelve others.