Elvis, The Watusi And Social Security : Blog Of The Nation Someone at Social Security's getting paid to have a whole lot of fun making YouTube videos.
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Elvis, The Watusi And Social Security

File this one under "too weird not to share." I was reading The XX Factor, Slate's "what women really think" blog, and came across this post from Nina Shen Rastogi about baby names elite (-ist?) parents choose. She wrapped up her post with the above video, calling it, quite rightly, a "little gem of weirdness." Turns out the Social Security folks have a whole YouTube channel, where you can find more "gems" like "Chubby Checker says, 'There's a New 'Twist' in the Law!'" and a whole series of reasonably entertaining ads from Patty Duke ("Filing for Social Security online is a lot easier than re-learning the Watusi!"). Sure, my tone's a little flip, but I'm actually sort of impressed with the effort!

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