Finding Earthquake Victims In Chile : Blog Of The Nation Google introduces a new tool to help find and share information about victims of the earthquake in Chile.
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Finding Earthquake Victims In Chile

This morning, I went to Google Maps, to find out the distance between Santiago and Concepcion, the epicenter of the magnitude-8.8 earthquake in Chile.

When I got to the site, I found this cool person-finder tool, from Google, which linked to a crisis response page.

It's available in English and Spanish, and you can look for missing persons or contribute information about someone who might be displaced or deceased.

According to Google, it's currently tracking more than 44,000 records, in English and Spanish. Sure, that's a fraction of the estimated 2 million displaced persons, but I think the concept -- and the technology -- are interesting. And based on a few articles I've read, that database has grown dramatically already, from 3,100 records yesterday.

According to CNET's Steven Musil, the company launched a similar project after the earthquake in Haiti.