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I Wouldn't Mess With A Jayhawk

I am not pretending that my TV is tuned to CNN. Because it's not. I mean -- Old Dominion just took out Notre Dame!! That's BREAKING NEWS.

I am reading the news, too. And found that John Kelly at WaPo made his NCAA Men's Tournament picks by mascot.

In other words: Which animal/historical figure/mythical creature would come out on top in a fight?

Some of the picks were just too easy. Terriers (Wofford) are bred to root out Badgers (Wisconsin). With their obsidian blades and human sacrifices, you would expect the bloodthirsty Aztecs (San Diego State) to make mincemeat of the well-intentioned Volunteers (Tennessee). Similarly, a Musketeer (Xavier) is going to make quick work of a Golden Gopher (Minnesota). Bang!

My bracket has the Jayhawks picking away at the poor, defenseless Mountaineers. Rock, chalk.