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Our Talk of the Nation call screeners have heard a conspiracy theory or two over the headset. By no means is it the rule, but our callers have some ideas about the validity of various explanations for events, and they're not afraid to voice them.

Via Joe Brown at Wired: David Aaronovitch, columnist for the London Times, has a new book out called Voodoo Histories, wherein the stories just may be better than reality. He says,

our rampant infoculture provides a breeding ground for crackpot theories. Take the Web's unique ability to lend unverified assertions an air of authority, add a dash of political instability, and you've got the ultimate medium for propagating alternate realities.

Aaronovitch identified six essential elements for a good conspiracy theory, and Wired ran with it, developing a conspiracy theory generator. Try it — but watch your back!