Movie Critic Roger Ebert Speaks Again : Blog Of The Nation Thanks to a Scottish company, Roger Ebert can speak again.
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Movie Critic Roger Ebert Speaks Again

I found this video in a post on New York magazine's Vulture blog:

"If you're in the mood for choking up right now," it begins, "a short clip from today's episode of Oprah has been released, wherein Roger Ebert (whose battle with thyroid cancer cost him his ability to speak in 2006) demos his new computer-assisted voice for his wife, Chaz."

It's pretty remarkable.

According to New York, "a Scottish company created the voice from DVD commentaries that Ebert recorded, and it actually sounds like him.'

In the first few exchanges on the video, Ebert uses a standard computer voice. When he switches to the digitized version of "his" voice, you can't help but marvel at how closely it resembles the voice we used to hear on TV.