Picture Perfect Day For Rovner : Blog Of The Nation After numerous years covering health policy, NPR correspondent Julie Rovner shares her sentiments on the big day — watching (and documenting) President Obama sign the health care bill.
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Ladies and gentlemen — that's history in the making. After covering the year-long health care debate NPR's health correspondent Julie Rovner managed to get a snapshot of President Obama's historic signing of the health care bill at the White House today.

Rovner has been covering health policy on and off since 1994. And she's been a mainstay here on Talk of the Nation when it comes to explaining just what is in that dang health care bill. Between attending hearings at Congress, the Capitol, and beyond, witnessing the President sign the health care bill firsthand was the culmination of years of reporting on the politics of health care and policy.

Before the show, I managed to get a minute of Rovner's time, as she was crashing for a piece on All Things Considered. Alas, she was all smiles when asked about how important this day was to her.

It's the first month of my twenty-five years covering health policy...and I did not intend to miss this event!

25 years! Not to worry — she took a breather to chat with Neal about the event. If you happen to miss it the first time around, — click here to hear the discussion online. Cheers, Julie!