The 119 Banned 'Newspeak' Words : Blog Of The Nation My former employer is getting a lot of attention for enforcing a ban on 119 "newspeak" words that are no longer to be uttered on the radio.
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The 119 Banned 'Newspeak' Words

Since I used to work for WGN Radio, and still know many people who work there, let me file this one under "check it out" and allow WWDTM's Ian Chillag to supply the laughs:

Tribune Company CEO Randy Michaels has banned 119 "newsspeak" words and phrases from ever crossing the lips of anchors and reporters at WGN-AM. There's a list here, but if you'd like them in a sentence, how about this:

In other news, stay tuned, because in our top story tonight, some really good (or bad) news: as expected, in a surprise move yesterday....

I haven't actually counted every phrase, but it sure feels like he hit all 119 of the banned words. His full post is on the WWDTM blog.