The David Patterson Saga, Deconstructed : Blog Of The Nation The New York Times's Paterson story, from start to finish.
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The David Patterson Saga, Deconstructed

A few weeks ago, NPR -- like many news organizations -- was abuzz with rumors of a forthcoming "bombshell" story from The New York Times's Albany bureau. Gov. David Paterson's job could be in jeopardy, some said.

The bombshell, so much as it was one, had three parts:

"Paterson Aide's Quick Rise Draws Scrutiny," the first article from Danny Hakim and William Rashbaum, left many people wondering what all the fuss was about.

Is that it?

Days later, there was a second story, "As Campaign Nears, Paterson Is Seen as Increasingly Remote," by Hakim, Serge F. Kovaleski and Nicholas Confessore, suggesting Paterson had become withdrawn.

Interesting, yes. But potentially career-ending?

Last week, The Times dropped the big one, "Question of Influence in Abuse Case of Paterson Aide. Days later, Paterson, who only days earlier had formally announced his intention to run for governor, ended his campaign.

In a post on New York magazine's Daily Intel blog, "The Accidental Takedown: How the Times Undid David Paterson," Chris Rovzar tracks the story from the buzz stage to the news conference last week. It's well worth reading.