The Fully Sick Rapper : Blog Of The Nation The 'Fully Sick Rapper,' Christiaan Van Vuuren, has been in quarantine with TB since December, but he's making the most of it.
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The Fully Sick Rapper

I've had mono for more than two months now, and I can't lie -- sometimes I feel pretty darn sorry for my poor pitiful self. Wish I'd come across Christiaan Van Vuuren a bit sooner! The 'Fully Sick Rapper' has been in quarantine in a hospital in Australia since December* after he contracted TB in South America. Quarantine. As in, confined to a single room. But he's making lemons out of lemonade, harnessing the powers of the Internet to stave off complete boredom-bred insanity. He told Austrialian Weekend Today hosts (by the phone, of course) that one of the reasons he made his first rap video was to show his friends "and feel like [he] sort of has a part in the outside world." Each successive video -- his YouTube page now shows six -- gets more technologically clever. Of course, there's a bit of foul language, but trust me, he's worth checking out. Here's hoping he beats those nasty bugs soon -- and inspires the rest of us poor pitiful pearls suffering from minor maladies to chin up.

*Doctors let him out for 16 days in January, thinking he was better, but readmitted him January 18. As best I can tell, per his Twitter feed, he's still there.

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