Wedding Season In The Digital Age : Blog Of The Nation "Save the Date" cards are so last decade. If you want to woo your guests into attending your wedding, go digital with the reminders — with a video.
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Wedding Season In The Digital Age

A few weeks ago, I received a little pink envelope from two college friends back home, planning to tie the knot pretty soon. Although I expected a standard, dainty "Save the Date" card, I was pleasantly surprised. Enclosed was a magnet in the shape of a photobooth photo with four pictures of the couple smiling, hugging, etc.

This piece of mail made me wonder how wedding reminders have changed over the years. And how they've changed due to new technology. So, I searched around the Web a bit and found out that there are some pretty creative couples out there. Sometimes, the fridge decor and pocket-sized reminders don't suffice in the midst of wedding season!

Check out the video above to see exactly what I'm talking about. A pair of self-proclaimed geeks from Germany took a page from old-school Nintendo book and made video games out of their wedding invites. Literally, you have to beat their version of "Mario Bros. meet Donkey Kong" in order to get more info on the event. Talk about memorable. You can play as the Bride (Darina) or the groom (Niko), facing off against ninjas and apes to save the spouse from peril.

A member of Offbeat Bride Tribe — a site devoted to giving advice and inspiration to couples looking to create unique weddings — says the invitations, er, games come enclosed in jewel cases with info booklets, as well as a CD with: original soundtrack and outtakes (it took me two hours to get the "I'm sorry Niko..." line straight). It also promotes our awesome singing skills, by singing not only the wrong tune, but also the wrong words of the Soviet hymn.

The wedding planning finesse doesn't stop there! A couple by the name of Jeff and Erin got a lot of unexpected feedback from their save-the-date creation. They traversed through scenes in Indiana Jones and Terminator to create an EPIC wedding trailer (yes, it is EPIC) — which is more or less a parody of action movie trailers, with nearly every cliche in the book.

To round out the pack, I found this stop-motion animation (already sounding promising, right?) piece, courtesy of Corey and Rachel. This video shows each of the couple's steps on the way to the chapel on the magical day to the tune of Vampire Weekend.

One last thing — even if you haven't been invited to Niko and Darnia's wedding, you can still play the game on your own time.