Your Most Successful Failure : Blog Of The Nation Some of the biggest names in business and the media once opened a dreaded college rejection letter. What big failure opened the door to your own success?
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Your Most Successful Failure

Most of us have some kind of story involving a college rejection letter (or two). I still have my own Harvard 'thin envelope' buried somewhere. We've done segments before about the best/worst rejections letters you've gotten. And today, Sue Shellenbarger writes in the WSJ about some of the most successful business and media types in recent history, and the rejection letters they received from colleges. Including, one of the richest men in the country: Warren Buffett.

Mr. Buffett regards his rejection at age 19 by Harvard Business School as a pivotal episode in his life. Looking back, he says Harvard wouldn't have been a good fit. But at the time, he "had this feeling of dread" after being rejected in an admissions interview in Chicago, and a fear of disappointing his father.

The column made me wonder what other failures have lead directly to great successes. Anyone else have a story of failure that, in the end, put you on the path to success?