The World Cup Of Chips : Blog Of The Nation Ever wonder what a Scottish haggis or Australian BBQ kangaroo -flavored chip would taste like? Funny man and Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker presents the odd, exotic Wold Cup of Crisps.>
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The World Cup Of Chips

Get this: Walkers, a British snack food manufacturer known for its exotic food products (just think if Lays made baked ham and mustard, or roast gammon-flavored chips), created 15 new, interesting flavors -- each one representing a different country competing in the World Cup. The company's PR team went on a spree and sent out samples to media companies...and witty journalist Charlie Brooker of The Guardian and the BBC had some delivered right to his door.

The new snacks are, well, diverse to say the least. Seeing as Brooker is a humorous analyzer of TV news packages and weather reports -- and the World Cup is but a mere two months away -- he thought, "Hey let me make predictions based on these crisps." Who came out on top? Well, take a look for yourself!

Some chips were on top of their game:

American cheeseburger:By far the most interesting entry, if only for the sake of accuracy: these precisely capture that instantly recognizable McDonald's aroma. Not Burger King. Not Wendy's. McDonald's. If they were an official McDonald's product, you'd begrudgingly admire their authenticity. Instead, you're left wondering whether Walkers will get sued.

...others trudged along:

Scottish haggis: After a bad start, another step down. These tasted of nothing, yet somehow managed to make that "nothing" deeply unpleasant. It's like a small piece of fried potato failing to recall a repressed abuse memory while sitting on your tongue.

...and the rest, well, were shut down early on:

Irish stew: No.

Brooker hopes these chips aren't reflective of their country's squads (because the Yanks would win it all, then). He ends his chip trek with the suggestion that next time, the flavors should reflect heated topics in their respective countries (American tea party flavor, anyone?). Thanks, I'll stick to my Sun Chips...even though they taste nothing like the sun.