Want Your App Proved? Win A Pulitzer : Blog Of The Nation What will a Pulitzer get you these days? Apple's approval, at least.
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Want Your App Proved? Win A Pulitzer

A few weeks ago, Mark Fiore won a Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. No small achievement, of course. But it carries even greater significance than usual for two reasons: his strip doesn't run in the San Francisco Chronicle -- it appears on the newspaper's website, and it is animated.

Before he won the big prize, Fiore submitted an application to Apple, for an app featuring his cartoons. It was rejected. Why? Because of the political nature of his drawings. He figured to give it another go, assuming -- rightly -- that a Pulitzer would give him some added gravitas. Today, Apple approved "NewsToons." The Nieman Journalism Lab has the details:

Apple faced a wave of criticism from around the web, and the company invited Fiore to resubmit the app for approval on Friday. Apple CEO Steve Jobs called the initial rejection a "mistake," but critics still worry about the editorial control Apple has over the content sold in the App Store, on iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.