Memorial Day Remembrances : Blog Of The Nation Retired Col. Andrew Bacevich reminds us what Memorial Day is really all about, and listeners share stories of their loved ones lost to war.
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Memorial Day Remembrances

I admit it. I'm like most Americans, I think -- I tend to focus on Memorial Day for how it affects me (a workday when most people are at home, on vacation, or otherwise not chained to a cubicle). I know the true meaning, of course, and I understand its importance.  But I don't think I really got it till I heard retired Col. Andrew Bacevich talking to Neal about it today, and remembering his son, who was killed in Iraq.  Callers shared their memories of loved ones lost to war as well, and it's just gripping. The audio will be available later today here, and you can read the piece that inspired the conversation here.