The Trouble In Tennessee : Blog Of The Nation A photographer masterfullydocuments the mass flooding in Nashville
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The Trouble In Tennessee

During the end of our second hour today, we visited Tennessee and talked with Nina Cardona, the All Things Considered Host at member station WPLN in Nashville. The flooding from torrential rains has engulfed the city and surrounding areas for the past few days, claimed the lives of 29 people, and destroyed homes, businesses and landmarks.

When I typed "Nashville flood" into the Google News toolbar, there was definitely plenty to read. And there's no question that hourly network news are keeping me abreast of the situation. But I felt connected to the disaster, on a personal level, when I stumbled upon a visual artist's rendition of the sheer power of Mother Nature on a city. Watch this harrowing video of the capital of the Volunteer State submerged, produced by photographer Michael Deppisch. It's only a small picture of the destruction, but it's big enough to hit home.