'Amusingly Translated' And 'Otherwise Quirky' Signs : Blog Of The Nation A great collection of hilarious lost-in-translation signs, courtesy of newspaper readers.
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'Amusingly Translated' And 'Otherwise Quirky' Signs

After an article by Andrew Jacobs, a Times correspondent, about "signs in Chinese paired with unusual and often funny English translations," and a professional slideshow called "A Sampling of Chinglish," the newspaper asked readers to "share photos of amusingly translated or otherwise quirky signs that they've found during their travels."

Times readers responded in droves. They've compiled a great slideshow of signs, from all over the world.

I can't convey the greatness of some of them here, because they're so wonderful/hilarious visually. But there are some really great lost-in-translation examples. Among them:

A school in Varanasi, India, called "Decent Public School."

The sign in Lijiang, China, that reads, "Don't forget to keep civilized behavior during outing, and also shopping should be rational."

And in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia: "No slaughtering sheep at the beach."

As I said, take a look at all of them. They're guaranteed to brighten your afternoon.