Facebook Exec Responds To Concerns : Blog Of The Nation Elliot Schrage, vice president for public policy at Facebook, responds to users' concerns about privacy.
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Facebook Exec Responds To Concerns

Slate technology columnist Farhad Manjoo joins us today to talk about various concerns users have raised over Facebook's privacy standards. Discontent has been brewing for some time, and last week the New York Times asked readers to send questions for Elliot Schrage, vice president for public policy at the company. Their questions — and his answers — are up now. For example,

Has Facebook ever considered asking us, the hundreds of millions of users who make money for them, what we would or would rather not have? You know, sort of like asking the customer what they would prefer? — Ricky P., submitted via Facebook

We agree it's really important to solicit feedback and ideas from our users. We've created tools to help collect and organize these suggestions. It's linked to from the front page of the help center. We regularly go through review these suggestions and they're typically excellent. We also use focus groups. We ask about Facebook and have them try out ideas. Finally, and most importantly, we've developed tools to test new ideas on parts of our user base. For example, we tried out dozens of variations of our December transition on more than one million people. The version we rolled out to everyone was the result of those tests.

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