'Gourmet' Fans Still Mourn : Blog Of The Nation Gourmet subscribers are still missing the magazine.
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'Gourmet' Fans Still Mourn

Today's New York Times points out that after the demise of the great Gourmet magazine, there was an expectation that all those fans would go...well, somewhere. They didn't.

When Gourmet was closed, observers expected an industry food fight. Bon Appetit's circulation was forecast to bloom as it absorbed former readers of Gourmet, and other magazines began eyeing Gourmet's list of more than 900,000 subscribers.

Though Gourmet was not thick with ad pages, its advertisers were expected to jump to competing high-end food magazines, like Food & Wine, Saveur and Bon Appetit.

Half a year after Gourmet's final issue, in November, the Gourmet readership and ad base seem to have largely vanished.

Where did they go? I love my Cook's Illustrated, but I do still mourn Gourmet. It makes me wonder, though, whatever happened to the Domino subscribers? Because I sure didn't get excited about Architectural Digest.