Hollywood Weighs In On Arizona Immigration Law : Blog Of The Nation Hollywood takes a stab at the Arizona immigration law controversy with an "illegal" trailer for the upcoming film, Machete.
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Hollywood Weighs In On Arizona Immigration Law

UPDATE: Apologies for the video! In the last few hours, the trailer has been taken off of Youtube -- due to a copyright claim by Twentieth Century Fox.

The heat continues to rise in Arizona over the immigration law, with boycotts and protests from every which way. Even the Phoenix Suns are taking a side -- owner Robert Sarver wanted his team to wear "Los Suns" jerseys at their home games. Needless to say, the decision for athletes to get involved with politics created mixed reviews. But what about when Hollywood gets involved?

I stumbled across this video yesterday while checking out previews for upcoming summer movies. If you happened to catch the gory, action-packed 2007 double feature known as Grindhouse in the theatres, you may remember the "fake trailers" that played during intermission (Thanksgiving and Don't! were personal favorites.)

Well, one of these is actually being made into a full-length feature. Machete, a Mexploitation flick by Planet Terror director Robert Rodriguez, stars a rather odd ensemble -- Danny Trejo, Robert DeNiro, and Lindsay Lohan, to name a few. Although the film won't be in theatres until September, Rodriguez decided to use the film as a vehicle for protesting the immigration law by cutting an "illegal" trailer. On top of that, it was released yesterday -- just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

You can watch the original teaser here.