'Save Our Shows' : Blog Of The Nation USA Today conducted a reader poll to find out what TV shows people want to see back for another season, and which they're ready to toss in the trash bin of prime time television.
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'Save Our Shows'

I don't have as much time to watch TV as I'd like, but I'm a sucker for Chuck and just got pulled into FlashForward. So, it's a mixed bag in today's USA Today Save Our Shows reader poll:

Of more than 80,000 votes - a record that nearly doubled last year's turnout - half want Law & Order to break the record for longest-running drama, which it now shares with Gunsmoke. Tied for second: CBS' Cold Case and NBC's Chuck, which 43% want back, followed by Fox's Human Target (37%) and Parenthood (36%), which NBC renewed after the poll was published.

Something tells me network execs aren't paying much attention to this poll. Still, you'll notice FlashForward isn't on that list.