June 8th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, immigration enforcement, and Eric Idle's "Not the Messiah".  In our second hour, Anthony Bourdain, and maternal health worldwide.
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June 8th Show

In our second hour, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain talks abut his new and long-awaited book, Medium Raw, takes us inside the world of culinary arts and tells us what he REALLY thinks about the restaurant industry. hide caption

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Immigration Enforcement
The U.S.-Mexico border is often ground zero in the debate over illegal immigration.  President Obama ordered National Guard troops to support border control efforts.  Arizona took matters into its own hands when it passed a controversial new law targeting illegal immigrants.  Doris Meissner and Julie Myers Wood both headed the U.S. immigration services, and both argue that the problem is much more vast and more complicated than the border alone.  They join Neal Conan to talk about how to solve the problem of illegal immigration.

Not The Messiah
Monty Python's Eric Idle knows comedy genius when he sees it.  In 1979, the Python's Life of Brian pushed the boundaries of comedy and introduced us to Brian Cohen, a young Jewish peasant who is mistaken for the Messiah.  Idle, with the help of John Du Prez, ripped-off Life of Brian last year to create a hilarious new stage show dubbed Not The Messiah (He's A Very Naughty Boy) — complete with the overblown grandeur of operatic soloists, a full symphony orchestra and chorus. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Monty Python's Flying Circus," Idle and fellow Python members Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam, performed a one-night only show of Not The Messiah at London's Royal Albert Hall.  That performance is now available on DVD.   Eric Idle talks about the unforgettable humor of the Python's most celebrated film.

Anthony Bourdain, Medium Raw
Anthony Bourdain's follow-up to his bestselling memoir has arrived; Medium Raw is a tour of the current state of the food world, and the wild and weird chefs and personalities that inhabit it. He takes on the cult of celebrity chefs, the state of the American hamburger, and gets inside the mind of wunderkind David Chang.  Bourdain about his book, and his new life as a "professional eater."

Maternal Health Worldwide
Hundreds of thousands of women die from pregnancy and childbirth each year worldwide — the vast majority in developing countries where complications from pregnancy are often a way of life.  But, a new study has given women's health advocates a reason to cheer: researchers reported the first significant drop in maternal mortality in decades. However, Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and former United Nations high commissioner for human rights, warns it's far too soon to celebrate. Robinson is in Washington to address an international women's health conference, and says women's access to care and basic rights remains limited around the world, and that too many countries are still struggling to meet their goals for reducing maternal death. She talks to Neal Conan about progress on maternal health, and how much still remains to be done.