Look At Your TV. Now Look Back At Me. : Blog Of The Nation Isaiah Mustafah, better known as "The Old Spice Man," might have hit his big break with NBC.
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Look At Your TV. Now Look Back At Me.


A few months back, I gushed to the world (or at least anyone who reads our blog) of my fondness for quality commercials -- namely the Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ads. Since then, the Super Bowl ad turned instant viral video starring well-spoken manly-man Isaiah Mustafah has racked up more than 10 million views on YouTube. He was scoring interviews left and right on national TV and taking the fame in stride (and he even has a few devoted fans honing their diamond-producing skills). And now, it looks like the struggling actor might have hit his big break, according to Variety.

He's been talking with NBC Universal casting exec VP Grace Wu, who tried to get him a role on a pilot this spring. Although it didn't work out, Mustafah is still looking to land a spot on a sitcom:

"I grew up in that 'Cosby Show,' 'Family Ties' era, and kept that going even through college with 'Seinfeld' and 'Friends,'" ... "To me, they controlled comedy and dictated my life on Thursday nights. And I think that's my strength, doing comedy."

Not to worry -- if you're jonesin' for some more of Mustafa's horse riding, quick lines, and his ability to get you two tickets to that thing you love, there's another Old Spice commercial airing later this summer!