Gourmet Magazine Kinda Sorta Coming Back : Blog Of The Nation Conde Nast is bringing back Gourmet magazine as an app.  I am really having a hard time mustering any sort of enthusiasm about it.
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Gourmet Magazine Kinda Sorta Coming Back

When Conde Nast ended Gourmet's run of awesome, we mourned. Well, it's coming back, but somehow I haven't mustered much enthusiasm about it. There's gonna be an app for that: "Gourmet Live." Per Russell Adams at Digits,

Downloading Gourmet Live takes users to a page with a sampling of articles, recipes, video demonstrations and slide shows. Users will be able to swipe over each piece of content and see which of their connections on Facebook, Twitter or other networks have viewed it and what they’re saying about it. The app also will reward users in part based on how much they consume. Getting through a long article about lobster, for example, is an "achievement" that unlocks a collection of recipes for summer salads.

Hmph. There's something about this tack that just doesn't appeal to me.  It seems like Candyland, like a diminution of a magazine that was more of a resource and a treasure than a confection. Thank goodness for Epicurious, where I can get my Gourmet without a side of social media.