No Walking On 'Upraised Hand Signal.' : Blog Of The Nation Can you be "pulled over" while walking? My experience as a convicted jaywalker.
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No Walking On 'Upraised Hand Signal.'

There's a traffic related theme on the blog today...

I got pulled over this morning.  The catch: I wasn't driving.  The citation reads in scribbled handwriting, "Pedestrian fail to obey upraised hand signal."  Yes, I crossed the street on a red light, and now I owe $40 to the city, no points on my license.  At the very least, I'm in good company.

Seattle Weekly reports:

Seattle police handed out 1,219 citations for jaywalking last year, more than double the number handed out in 2008 (568). The jump comes as a result of a new safety pedestrian program implemented last year. The program appears to be working, if what you're measuring is how many tickets are handed out.

LA Weekly adds:

An alarming increase in pedestrian deaths over the year spurred a crackdown by the LAPD Tuesday in North Hollywood....
Police officers disguised themselves as pedestrians, targeting three unmarked crosswalks around North Hollywood and pulling over cars that failed to yield. Beginning at 7 a.m., 72 tickets were issued in a 90-minute period at Victory Boulevard and Satsuma Avenue. A total of 159 citations were issued during the crackdown.

No one I know personally has ever been ticketed while walking.  Have you?