Finding Value In Confirmation Hearings : Blog Of The Nation We often hear that Supreme Court confirmation hearings are little more than political theatrics... A new study claims there may be more to that story.
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Finding Value In Confirmation Hearings

The most outrageous claim in Washington right now isn't that the earth is flat, it's that Supreme Ccourt confirmation hearings are valuable.  Yet, here it is, in the pages of hallowed New York Times:

A new study, based on an analysis of every question asked and every answer given at Supreme Court confirmation hearings in the last 70 years, shows that the hearings often address real substance, illuminate the spirit of their times and change with shifts in partisan alignments and the demographic characteristics of nominees.
The study also refutes the common mistaken belief that questions about abortion rights have played a dominant role in confirmation hearings since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. And it finds that female and minority nominees are questioned more closely than white male ones.

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