Bad Calls In The World Cup? Sue 'Em : Blog Of The Nation Soccer fans groaned over a number of botched calls in this year's World Cup.  Dave Zirin argues it's time to do more than complain.
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Bad Calls In The World Cup? Sue 'Em

If you're not following the World Cup, here are two words that will help you in conversation with those who are obsessed with the tournament: Bad calls.  Sepp Blatter, the president of the group that oversees the event, apologized to England and Mexico for the blown calls that may have helped eliminate them from the Cup.  He also promised to "reopen the file" on using video replay in the games.  That's not enough for Dave Zirin.  In an op-ed he wrote in the New York Daily News he demands: Sue 'em.

FIFA is a stateless actor with no sense of accountability for the damage it is causing the beautiful game. Blatter has heads of state grovel at his feet and feels no real pressure to take steps to change officiating in the sport. That has to change. Consider this column a call to arms (or a call to feet).
How can we ensure FIFA actually pays attention this time - and follows through to bring integrity back to the game?
Here's one idea. Every person who lost a solitary dime betting on these contests - on legal, sanctioned sports books, of course - should sue FIFA in a class-action lawsuit. According to lawyers with whom I discussed the idea, this could happen in a state court where gambling is legal. Calling all Vegas attorneys!