The Price Was Right, Till The Too Perfect Bid : Blog Of The Nation Terry Kniess named the price of the Showcase exactly: $23,743. But did he do it alone? He says yes, absolutely.
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The Price Was Right, Till The Too Perfect Bid


Terry Kniess and his wife, Linda are a couple of brainiacs.  He's one of those people who's great at seeing patterns -- which made him a sought-after weatherman -- and she's rock solid with arithmetic. Together, they studied The Price Is Right, Terry looking for patterns and Linda doing the math. When they felt they understood the game, they headed to Los Angeles to take a shot at winning it all.

They did everything right -- Terry got called up to be a contestant, and made his way to the Showcase Showdown.  There, he did what no one had done in 38 years: He named the price of his showcase, exactly.

How he did it is a bit murky -- Terry has a very thorough explanation for how he got to his number, with a pile of supporting evidence. The show's staff and host Drew Carey figured the fix was in. And in the audience, a man by the name of Ted Slauson thought he was the reason Terry nailed the showcase.

It's a gripping story. Go to Esquire for all the rest, and a bit on how the show has changed since Bob Barker's departure.