Tina Brown: There's An Upside to Mel's Mad Rants : Blog Of The Nation Leaking Mel Gibson's taped rant may have been morally correct, says Tina Brown.
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Tina Brown: There's An Upside to Mel's Mad Rants

Yes, I listened to the eight minute tirade Mel Gibson launched against his ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his baby girl.  And, I think like many people, I found it chilling, and unpardonable.  So much so, that I'm not going to link to it.  You can certainly find it out there on the Web if you want.

I'm often upset by all the "celebrity leaks" out there, and the seemingly bottomless appetite for them, but today, reading Tina Brown in the Daily Beast, I found myself warming to her defense of our "leaky, sneaky" culture.  Particularly in regards to women:

It’s a payday for Oksana who, like every woman in a battle for child custody with a powerful man, finds herself painted as a lying opportunist. Most of the rancor coming Mel’s way so far has been about his racist comments. But his vile misogyny is more unsettling still. It’s as if a curtain has been raised on the window of every house where a frightened woman is living in fear of a man who has all the financial cards. It’s hard not to summon the images of beautiful, dead Nicole Brown Simpson and remember her fear of O.J. and how it ended with the night of terror on South Bundy Drive in Brentwood.

I find the racism, anti-semitsm, and misogyny equally troubling, but I agree with Brown -- it's a shocking picture of domestic terror.  And it's all courtesy, of a leak.  Says "feminist lawyer" Gloria Allred: “The Internet is very aggressive but it’s good in a way for women. Silence always favors the wrongdoer.”

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