Practical Takes On Weddings And Marriage : Blog Of The Nation Amy Dickinson's on the show today talking about cold feet. For extra credit, check out the A Practical Wedding blog, which tackles all the tough -- and fun -- questions that follow "will you marry me?"
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Practical Takes On Weddings And Marriage

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After the rush of excitement wears off, what happens next?

Today, Amy Dickinson joins us to talk about cold feet -- backing away from your wedding, or just the feeling that something's wrong, that you shouldn't follow through with your intended.

The timing, for me, is a bit funny, as I'm getting married in September. My feet are nice and toasty, thanks, but I do think it's important to ask hard questions about relationships and marriage, to do a little personal work to make sure you're getting married to the right person for the right reasons.  I like to push my commitment around in my mind a little, look under it, behind it and through it to make sure it's solid.

The consistently thought-provoking blog, A Practical Wedding, has been my greatest guide in testing my thoughts and assumptions about marriage as an institution.  I've been wanting to mention it in this space for a while, as I believe there are folks in our Talk audience who could benefit from it, but I also haven't wanted to get all navel-gazey or turn Blog of the Nation into "here's what's going on in Sarah's life." That's not interesting, trust me!

Today, Meg, who runs the site, is, coincidentally, featuring an article written by a reader about how to handle the regrettable situation some of us have endured: standing by while someone you love enters into a union with the wrong person. It's sort of the flip-side of cold feet, and also tackles how to take it if you're being advised you might not be marrying the right person. So if you're getting married soon, or even thinking about someday getting married, poke around the site. Maybe start with Meg's favorite posts.  You'll be glad you did.