Bringing Back The Georgia Theatre In Athens : Blog Of The Nation The Georgia Theatre in Athens burned from the inside out in 2009. Owner Wilmot Greene is rebuilding, balancing historic building requirements with 2011 building codes. He's hopeful about reopening soon, and bringing in some cash.
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Bringing Back The Georgia Theatre In Athens

Last year, the news spread through my Facebook feed like, well, like wild fire: The Georgia Theatre, iconic rock venue in my iconic rock -- and college -- town of Athens, Georgia, was on fire.  Early in the morning of June 19, 2009, friends of mine and former colleagues posted increasingly worrying reports, from things like "saw smoke in the air downtown" through declarations that the Georgia Theatre has burned to the ground.  In fact, the fire left the facade standing, and owner Wilmot Greene is rebuilding.

So why does a rock-n-roll club matter? I think Greene says it best, toward the end of the above video.

"Somebody has the time of their life in here every time we open.  Every night."

Best of luck to Greene and his building and restoration crew.  Here's hoping they get to reopen -- and start bringing in cash -- soon.