'Conaw' Debuts On TBS November 8 : Blog Of The Nation Eagerly awaiting Conan O'Brien's return to television? I am, and he's finally named his new show. Stay tuned for the premiere of Conaw, coming to TBS in November.  Or Conan. Either way, O'Brien's coming back!
NPR logo 'Conaw' Debuts On TBS November 8

'Conaw' Debuts On TBS November 8


Conan O'Brien, after being "bombarded by the media" with calls inquiring about the name of his new show on TBS, has announced it. But the announcement went a little awry.  So stay tuned for O'Brien's new show, Conaw starting November 8.

Watch the video for me.  When I saw it I assumed duh, it's not called Conaw, it's a joke!  But then I remembered The Colbert Report. The "cole-bair ree-pore."  Though Conan can't possibly stick with Conaw, it'd sure be memorable!