September 7th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's Talk of the Nation, guest host Jennifer Ludden talks about what's up with the housing market, coming out at work and your favorite back to school rituals.
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September 7th Show

A home for sale in Illinois. In today's first hour, Jennifer Ludden talks about the future of the housing market, and what homeowners and potential buyers need to know. Scott Olson/Getty Images hide caption

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What's Next For The Housing Market?
Tax credits for buyers, mortgage help for homeowners and new rules for lenders haven't stopped the slide in the housing market. Despite record low mortgage rates, sales of existing homes in July dropped 27%. Now, some economists argue that the best way to balance the market in the long term is to let it crash in the short run. So, what's a homeowner — or a prospective homeowner — to do? Guest host Jennifer Ludden talks about the tough decisions facing many people, and what's next for the housing market.

Coming Out At Work
Last month, Ken Mehlman, the former Republican National Committee chairman said for the first time publicly that he is gay. Coming out can be especially challenging for people in the public eye, even more so when politics are at play. But it's a complicated decision for the vast majority of gay workers. While many say it's liberating to be honest with co-workers, coming out at work can have major consequences for many careers. Guest host Jennifer Ludden talks with police officer Greg Miraglia, filmmaker Beverly Kopf who's profiled openly gay country singer Chely Wright, and with Patricia Rose, director of career services at University of Pennsylvania about the rewards and the challenges of coming out at work.

Back To School Rituals
Students, teachers and parents often kick-off the new school year with annual rituals.  Some families take last minute trips, others buy new clothes or cook up a favorite meal.  Teachers may re-arrange their rooms, or mark the end of summer with a party.  Most schools are back in session by the day after Labor Day.  What's your back to school ritual?