September 8th Show : Blog Of The Nation Today on Talk of the Nation, the political junkie talks primaries and the Tea Party, how to ground always-connected kids, Arianna Huffington on Third World America, and the meaning of the word "ma'am."
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September 8th Show

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Would you call her ma'am?

The Political Junkie's Primaries Roundup

As the primary season enters its final phase, the Tea Party looks to claim another victory in Delaware.  Christine O'Donnell hopes to ride the wave of voter frustration all the way to the U.S. Senate, pushing aside Republican congressman Mike Castle in the process. Guest host Jennifer Ludden talks with Amy Kremer from the Tea Party Express about why she is backing O'Donnell, and Delaware state party chair Tom Ross will tell us why current House member Mike Castle is right for the job. Plus, our political junkie Ken Rudin on Mayor Daley's exit, Lisa Murkowski's rise from the ashes, and a roundup of the final primaries.

The Modern Meaning Of "You're Grounded!"

Grounding a child can work because it takes away their access to something they truly value: their friends.  But mandating a little alone time to think about what they've done wrong is much more complicated when a child can fire up Facebook or a cell phone and be back in the mix. Enter e-grounding.  More than 60% of American parents say they've revoked cell phones as punishment. Join guest host Jennifer Ludden for a conversation about how parents ground their wayward and always-online-always-connected children.

Arianna Huffington On Third World America

When Arianna Huffington immigrated to the United States in 1980, she knew there was no other place she'd rather live. Thirty years later, the co-creator of The Huffington Post and host of Left, Right and Center, feels the same way, but argues that things have gone terribly wrong.  The American dream, she declares, lies in tatters. In her new book, Third World America, Huffington says that high rates of unemployment, debt, and foreclosures are transforming the future of the world's largest economy into "the American Nightmare" and the middle class is getting the short end of the stick. Today, guest host Jennifer Ludden talks to Arianna Huffington about her provocative new book, and her plan to rescue the middle class.

Whatever You Do, Don't Call Her Ma'am

The last thing many women want to hear is "ma'am." Even when it's meant to be polite, or deferential, for many women it's as welcome as a poke in the eye.  Guest host Jennifer Ludden speaks with the New York Times' Natalie Angier about the politics of polite, and what may be the next battleground over how women can be addressed politely without any inferred reference to their age or marital status.