The Hottest Toys of 2010 : Blog Of The Nation The days of the Etch-A-Sketch are long gone. This year's list of hot holiday toys include two-wheeled R/C racers, paper guitars and hi-tech games. wraps up the top 16 toys of 2010.
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The Hottest Toys of 2010

They don't make toys like they used to.  Remember Simon?  The follow-the-robo-leader memory game of lights and beeps shows its age next to the new Loopz. wraps up the Hottest Toys of 2010:

Loopz is an interactive memory game that consists of four independent semi-circular rings, or "loopz." Loopz plays a pattern of sounds and lights that the player then has to memorize and follow. The toy has a motion sensor which detects a player's movement and knows if a player has correctly repeated sound and light patterns. The game becomes increasingly difficult the better the player gets.

Radio controlled toys are hot every year, but now they're even smaller -- and run on two wheels, instead of four.  Spin Master toys recently released the 3-1/4 inch by 2-1/4 inch Air Hogs MotoFrenzy motorcycle.

"It can ride any terrain, and do jumps," said Harold Chizick, vice president with Spin Master. "But the coolest innovation is the technology in it that allows the bike to do sharp turns without losing its balance."

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