Hereafter, Maybe Try A Little Harder : Blog Of The Nation Something about the promotional image for Matt Damon's new movie, Hereafter, looked weirdly familiar to me. It looks like something I've seen before, something from the past... Yes. The fake movie within America's Sweethearts!
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Hereafter, Maybe Try A Little Harder

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Warner Bros.

Today, I saw the above promotional image for the new Matt Damon movie, Hereafter. I don't know anything about it (but if you'd like to, check out Bob Mondello's review here), but it seemed instantly familiar.  And then I realized why.

Promotional banner from the fake movie, Time Over Time, within America's Sweethearts. Columbia Pictures hide caption

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Columbia Pictures

Eerily similar.  In my memory, this promotional poster from the movie-within-a-movie, Time Over Time-within-America's Sweethearts, actually was cast in a blue hue, though maybe I watched it on an old TV, or maybe there's another version of the poster in the movie that I couldn't find. But even though the two posters aren't the same color, aren't they weirdly similar? Female lead, staring at an angle into the distance with lips parted, male lead facing front, intense, closed-mouth stare... Of course, Time Over Time was meant to be a cliche within America's Sweethearts, but as best I can tell, Hereafter is pretty serious.

Perhaps not serious enough, however, about promoting the film.