Fictional Non-Fiction : Blog Of The Nation Mad Men's Roger Sterling's memoir will be a real book, published by Grove/Atlantic next month -- now we can all find out what actually happened with Mrs. Blankenship -- Queen of Perversions-- back in the day.
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When I was a kid, I was a big fan of Miss Piggy's Guide To Life. It's full of really great advice, like help for those new to ordering escargot. (Says M. Piggy: "Escargot, please.  But hold the snails!")  I love when fictional characters "write" memoirs and self-help, and there's a new one coming soon, alongside Miss Piggy's opus and Heidi and Spencer's latest entry*.  From Galleycat, news that Roger Sterling, the fictional ad man from the AMC series Mad Men, will publish his memoir, Sterling's Gold, in November. Here's an excerpt from the publisher's website:

After devoting most of my life to the nefarious trade known as advertising, I thought it was time to share some of the pearls that I’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate. Now keep in mind that oysters don’t open easy and every one of those gaudy baubles started off as a grain of sand.

As you may find out, I’m not a writer.On some level, that’s a point of pride because it steered me away from the cliché of autobiography. I had no desire to waste your and my time trying to turn a list of events into a campaign of triumph.  So here it is . . . a few things overheard, a few things to live by, and hell,a few things I’ve apparently said and had repeated to me the morning after a party when I called to make amends. As I said,advertising’s been half my life and I’m probably off by 50 percent. But dammit, if it hasn’t felt like fifteen minutes.

Of course, Roger is the most charming of all the Mad Men dapper gents -- but I have to say, I think I'd buy this only as a book on tape.  It's really not the same without the sterling Sterling delivery.  And what's next, publishing Don Draper's sobriety journal!?

*I know, I know.  But didn't you think it was fake!?