November 8th show : Blog Of The Nation In the first hour of Talk of the Nation, the future of the GOP, and Zenyatta falls short. In the second hour Chris Hedges' Death of the Liberal Class, and Obama's foreign policy after the election.
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November 8th show

In our second hour, Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges talks his new book "The Death of the Liberal Class." hide caption

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What To Expect From The GOP
Republicans have big plans as they prepare to take the majority in Congress.  And after an election that focused in large part on jobs and government spending, they face a number of questions about which issues to pursue: when — and when not — to cooperate with Democrats, and how to bring together conservatives from Libertarians to the Tea Partiers.  Host Neal Conan talks with Republican strategists and callers about what they expect from the GOP.

Zenyatta Falls Short By A Nose
After 19 consecutive wins, horse racing's star Zenyatta came up a head short at the Breeders' Cup on Saturday.  The 6-year-old ran dead last after a rough start, and nearly caught the winner, Blame, in the home stretch.  Still, Zenyatta has been called one of the greatest fillies who ever raced and is often credited with adding a spark of excitement to the sport.  Neal Conan talks with Washington Post horse racing columnist Andy Beyer about Zenyatta's untimely loss and the future of the American horse racing industry.

"Death of the Liberal Class"
Liberals have conceded the good fights — organizing workers, preventing war, a greener economy — to corporations and the ruling powers for decades, argues Chris Hedges. In his new book, Death of the Liberal Class, the Pulitzer Prize winning author slams groups and institutions (from academia to the church to the Democratic party) for purging their more vocal leaders. He argues that they've rendered groups that should protect the common person useless, and that we're entering a long period of destruction without the safety nets people need.  Chris Hedges talks with host Neal Conan about his latest book.

Obama's Agenda In Asia
Last week's sweeping Republican victories in the midterm elections could mean big changes not only for top domestic issues, but for foreign policy as well.  After political losses at home, presidents in the past have sought to make their mark overseas.  As President Obama tours Asia this week, NPR's senior foreign editor Loren Jenkins talks about the president's foreign policy agenda and what the election results might mean for the those goals.